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SINGAPORE, 11 Mar 2024 – Strategic Marine (S) Pte Ltd and Prosperous Wind Shipping Limited, an affiliate of Pacific Radiance Ltd., have successfully delivered a cutting-edge vessel to support Taiwan’s Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm. This StratCat 27 hybrid-ready vessel, a winner of the Work Boat World awards for Best Medium Windfarm Support Vessel in 2022 and following the same award in 2023 for its first parallel hybrid variant, showcases the collaboration’s commitment to advancing renewable energy through innovative maritime solutions.

Owned and operated by Prosperous Wind Shipping Limited, the vessel is designed for the efficient and reliable transfer of technicians and cargo, essential for the construction, operation, and maintenance of offshore wind farms. Combining comfort, speed, and safety, the fleet is tailored to meet the specific needs of the offshore wind industry in Taiwan.

Set to commence operations at the Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm in April 2024, this vessel marks a pivotal advancement in Taiwan’s renewable energy landscape, with the Yunlin project boasting an estimated contract value of around USD3 million. This venture highlights the commitment of both companies to deliver superior services that enhance both the efficiency and sustainability of offshore wind projects.

Having secured a contract worth approximately USD3 million with a leading entity in the renewable energy sector, the vessel is designated to play a crucial role in wind turbine generator installation operations at the Yunlin offshore wind farm. It will operate round the clock, facilitating the transit of personnel, equipment, and cargo between the selected harbour, the installation vessel, and throughout the wind farm, thereby ensuring seamless support for the project’s infrastructure development.


About Pacific Radiance Ltd.:

Pacific Radiance Ltd. is at the forefront of supporting the offshore oil and gas and renewable energy sectors. The Pacific Radiance Group’s global presence includes strategic offices and operations in Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

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About Strategic Marine Singapore:

Strategic Marine Group is a full-capacity global shipbuilder with a focus on specialty aluminium craft construction and fabrication. It has a shipyard in Singapore, and presence in Australia, Europe and the Middle East. It operates principally in five key market segments, producing high quality vessels for Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Ferries & Transportation, Defence and Paramilitary and Port / Pilot Services.

Strategic Marine Group has built and delivered more than 600 vessels made of both aluminium and steel for a variety of clients in the maritime, offshore and defence sectors.

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