Financial Solutions

A key advantage of working with Strategic Marine is our ability to offer a wide array of financial services to our clients. This includes construction finance, leasing arrangements and investor equity funding. We work with our clients on every step of the journey from conception through to contract, financing, building and delivery.

This unique range of financial services offered by Strategic Marine are backed by major financial institutions, including global banks as well as investors with representation in multiple regions.

Whether it is construction finance for a new project or leasing arrangements for a new fleet of Strategic Marine’s vessels, our finance team are on standby to attend to our clients’ specific needs. We understand the businesses in which you operate and can work with you to provide specific financial solutions, leaving you free to focus on what’s important – your business.

The types of financing we provide are:

  • Pre-Delivery Financing
  • Post Delivery Financing
  • Leasing

Construction Financing

Our Construction Financing solution is tailored with an affordable initial deposit to kick off the project and we take care of the rest of the payment milestones to deliver your vessel to you.

Vessel Leasing

Our Vessel Leasing arrangement is tailored to suit your business needs and we can arrange a lease arrangement for you with or without a final purchase obligation.

For financing enquiries, please contact us at