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Ferries and Transport Vessels
Vehicle and passenger or passenger only ferries and transport vessels demand a different approach to all other craft. Speed and space are of the essence, and the facilities and amenities to be included differ significantly from working craft.

Strategic Marine has a record of producing high quality vessels for the comfortable, efficient transfer of people and vehicles, in steel or aluminium. The company’s portfolio of fuel-efficient monohull, catamaran and multihull designs can be adjusted to meet the client’s specifications in terms of passenger and vehicle carrying capacity, cruising and maximum speeds, distances to be covered and weather expected to be encountered. Considerations such as low wash designs for inland waterway use, open ocean weather conditions, and enhanced safety features for passengers are all reflected in the design of these craft.

The Strategic Marine ferry and transport offering includes:

  • High-speed passenger ferries
  • ROPAX ferries
  • Monohull and catamaran ferries
  • Inland waterway ferries
  • Seagoing ferries
  • Transport barges

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