Human Capital Sustainability

Why This Matters to Us

We subscribe to a human capital model that endeavours to set up programs, practices and create a culture that is most important to talents today and which evolves with investors, customers, employers and employees alike to meet the needs of tomorrow.

We believe a leadership that is effective, a human capital strategy that aligns with the business strategy and forges a healthy company culture to reinforce the right values and mindset enable us to achieve this.

Our leaders envision the future, build the strategy for the company and then inspire and align others to deliver on the strategy.

Aligning with this business strategy is our human capital strategy comprising human capital programs, policies and practices. This involves solving for how works gets done, the composition of the workforce, and the management of human capital risk.

Nothing erodes an organization’s purpose or its talent experience more than an unhealthy culture. A critical component of sustainability, then, is a healthy company culture. To us this means:

  • a work environment that is inclusive, allowing employees to bring their “whole selves” to work
  • a culture that supports resilience, agility, and the attraction, retention and engagement of a diverse workforce
  • a leadership and company mindset that ensure workers are treated with dignity and respect
  • a culture that promotes physical, emotional, social, and financial wellbeing
  • a culture that promotes psychological safety, collaboration, ideation, a tolerance for reasonable risk-taking and innovation
  • a culture that mandates ethical conduct and behaviour.
  • a culture where all work together to achieve agreed objectives. Everyone pushes the train.