Strategic Marine specializes in Aluminium and Steel vessel construction or a combination of both.  To date and under the Strategic Marine brand, we have produced over 600 quality crafts, which included High-Speed Government Patrol Boats, Offshore Oilfield Service Vessels, Harbour and Towage Vessels, Passenger Vessels as well as Commercial Fishing Boats.
Experience gained from our growing portfolio has significantly improved the Company’s capabilities and put us in good stead to offer larger, purpose-built and bespoke- designed vessels.


Offshore Vessels

Offshore Vessels

Servicing the Offshore Industry

Strategic Marine has over the decades gathered significant experience in servicing the offshore and resource industry. Clients can select from a wide array of vessels in the Strategic Marine offshore and resource industry portfolio, with ready-to-build designs ranging from 10m to over 180m in steel or aluminum based on a wide range of hull configurations.

These include offshore service and specialized craft:

  • Construction Vessels
  • Azimuth Tugs
  • Compact Tractor Tugs
  • Ocean Going Tugs
  • Pusher Tugs
  • Transport Barges
  • Heavy Lift Barges
  • Work Platforms
  • Motorized Platforms
  • Accommodation Barges
  • Semi-Submersible
  • RoRo Pontoons            
  • Crew boats and offshore
    service vessels
  • Oil and Gas Service Vessels
  • Anchor Handling Towing & Supply
  • Platform Supply Vessels
  • Landing Craft (bow or stem landing)
  • Well Stimulation Vessels
  • Workboats
  • Tugs and other harbour vessels
  • Dive Support Vessels
  • Floating Docks
  • Seismic Survey Vessels
  • Research Vessels
  • Semi-Submersible vessels

Most of the vessel types listed above are available in varying sizes from existing designs, which can be constructed according to the existing design or modified to the client’s requirements at considerable time and cost savings over custom designed vessels.

Windfarm Service Vessels

Windfarm Service Vessels

Windfarm & Renewables Energy Vessels

The growth of the renewable energy and windfarm sector has seen the need for specialized vessels for crew transfer and other service functions, and Strategic Marine has accumulated considerable experience in the design and construction of these crafts.

Strategic Marine offers a number of different vessels in various sizes for use in renewable energy and windfarm services, and these include:

  • Service Vessels
  • Crew Transfer Vessels
  • Utility Vessels
  • Supply Vessels
  • Delivery and Support Vessels
  • Compact Tractor Tugs
  • Pusher Tugs
  • Transport Barges
  • Heavy Life Barges
  • Motorized Platforms
  • Accommodation Barges
  • Semi-Submersible Barges
  • RoRo Pontoons

These existing designs can be constructed as is or modified to the client’s specifications and fitout requirements rapidly and cost-effectively. Strategic Marine’s naval architects, design teams and engineering personnel can also design vessels according to the client’s brief if required.

Ferries & Transport

Ferries & Transport

Vehicle and passenger or passenger-only ferries and transport vessels demand a different approach to all other craft. Speed and space are of the essence, and the facilities and amenities to be included differ significantly from working craft. Strategic Marine has a record of producing high quality vessels for the comfortable, efficient transfer of people and vehicles, in steel or aluminium.

The company’s portfolio of fuel-efficient monohull, catamaran and multihull designs can be adjusted to meet the client’s specifications in terms of passenger and vehicle carrying capacity, cruising and maximum speeds, distances to be covered and weather expected to be encountered. Considerations such as low-wash designs for inland waterway use, open ocean weather conditions, and enhanced safety features for passengers are all reflected in the design of these craft.

The Strategic Marine ferry and transport offering includes:

  • High speed passenger ferries
  • ROPAX ferries
  • Monohull and catamaran ferries
  • Inland waterway ferries
  • Seagoing ferries
  • Transport barges
Defence & Security Vessels

Defence & Security Vessels

Extensive experience in dealing with international government authorities and defence agencies, and meeting their needs for patrol, defence and paramilitary vessels departments gives Strategic Marine a competitive edge in the military and allied sectors. Patrol, landing, interception and response vessels have been designed, built and delivered to government agencies in Australia, South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East to date.

The company is also internationally recognized as a provider of training, spare parts management and documentation services for military and paramilitary clients. Its attention to detail and adherence to exacting defence standards is another reason for Strategic Marine’s reputation for excellence in the discipline.

The company’s defence vessels portfolio ranges from 10m fast response and patrol vessels, to larger 16m to 70m patrol and interception boats, all capable of speeds of at least 30 knots, up to 52 knots. In addition to this, Strategic Marine has provided numerous large steel ship defence solutions to various government agencies. To date, over 70 such vessels have been delivered.

Current design availability includes:

  • Inshore Patrol Vessels
  • Fast Response Vessels
  • Interception Vessels
  • Offshore Patrol Vessels
  • RIBs
  • Police Vessels
  • Naval Vessels
Pontoons & Barges

Pontoons & Barges

Strategic Marine has capacity to undertake steel fabrication and have built Pontoons and Barges for Oil and Gas Industry as well as structures required for public transport in bays and river systems around the globe.
We have the expertise to provide modular fabrication of structures and modules up to 200 tonnes.
Strategic Marine is also well experienced in construction of Pontoons and Barges and have built and delivered projects for maintenance activities, temporary and permanent vessel pens for pilot and ug services.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

At Strategic Marine we hold all our customers in high regard and recognize the need to work closely with our customers using our expertise to guide our clients to the correct concepts and solutions so that we can provide our clients with the best product capable of meeting  the required operational requirements.
We can take existing vessels and designs and create customized concepts with full turnkey packages or we can develop new concepts incorporating our clients’ requests and also offer alternate and functional solutions.
All Vessels in our range can be fully customized and our in-house design capability and outside design resources allow us to customize and modify existing designs or develop new concepts giving us the option to be flexible and utilize our expertise with our proven hull forms and vessel range.

Modular Fabrication

Modular Fabrication

Strategic Marine is more than just a shipbuilder with the ability and expertise to offer a diverse range of construction and fabrication services to the Oil & Gas, Mining and Civil industry sectors.

Each of our strategically positioned facilities provides clients with a platform to execute a variety of specialized construction projects.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost effective offshore construction
  • A reliable network of global suppliers and strategic partners
  • A wealth of experience in technical design and engineering

Capabilities and Services:

  • Heavy/Light fabrication of Steel/Aluminium
  • Outfitting services
  • CNC metal cutting services
  • Pipe fitting and machining

On-Site / Mobile Support Services:

  • Engineering Services
  • Mining Construction
  • Technical Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Design Services
  • Nesting
  • Drafting
  • Plant Repairs and Maintenance
  • Machinery Guards
  • Refit and Repair