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The company’s portfolio of fuel-efficient monohull, catamaran and multihull designs can be adjusted to meet the client’s specifications in terms of passenger and vehicle carrying capacity, cruising and maximum speeds, distances to be covered and weather expected to be encountered. Considerations such as low-wash designs for inland waterway use, open ocean weather conditions, and enhanced safety features for passengers are all reflected in the design of these craft.


Principal Particulars
Class Notation

LR 100A1 SSC, RO-RO Passenger Ferry, Catamaran, LDC

Length Overall 70.60 meters
Hull Length 69.20 meters
Length Waterline (Design) 67.90 meters
Beam (Max) Moulded 17.30 meters
Design Draught  2.50 meters
Maximum Dead Weight 345 Ton
Fuel LNG 40,000 kg
Fresh Water 20,000 kg
Sullage 20,000 kg
Passengers 600
Vehicles 66 cars or 4 trucks and 36 cars
Main Propulsion Engines 2 x MTU 16V4000M65-N 1,492 KW @ 1,600 RPM
Propulsion 2 x Veth Z-drive VZ-1250-CR azimuth thrusters
Bow Thruster 2 x 200kW with Veth VT-150
Speed 14 knots @ 100% MCR at 280T DWT


Principal Particulars
Class Notation

LR 100A1 SSC Passenger, Catamaran, G3, MCH, Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry

Length Overall 84.50 meters
Hull Length 82.20 meters
Length Waterline (Design) 79.30 meters
Beam (Max) Moulded 22.00 meters
Scantling Draught  2.70 meters approx
Design Displacement 1,602 tons
Fuel  50m3
Long Range Fuel 50m3
Fresh Water 20m3
Passengers 430 + 5 wheelchairs
Vehicles 98 cars or 12 trucks and 54 cars
Main Propulsion Engines 4 x Yanmar 6EY17W 749KW
Gear Box 4 x Yanmar YXH-500
Propulsion 4 x Fixed Pitch Propellers
Bow Thruster 4 x Veth VT-240 FP, Each 300KW
Main Generators 2 x Volvo Penta D9-MG, each 168eKW (425V@50Hz)
Emergency Generator 1 x Volvo Penta D9-MG,168eKW (425V@50Hz)
Speed 16 knots @ 80% MCR at 300T DWT

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