Strategic Marine, the specialist shipbuilder and fabricator, confirmed today that its most popular high-tech stock vessels are now available for immediate delivery.

“The demand we have seen for our Offshore40 Gen3 crewboat and StratCat26 crew transfer vessel convinced us we needed to have a market-ready stock of both,” says Reece Newbold, Group Business Development Manager at Strategic Marine. “Having units on hand eliminates the waiting time for our clients, which allows them to capitalise on commercial opportunities that require the use of vessels that we can supply through this program.”

Firstly: Strategic Marine’s Offshore40 Gen3 has market leading fuel economy with the best power to speed ratio available in the industry today. Fully MLC-compliant, the vessel is suited for crew transfer, security and multi-purpose roles.

Secondly: the StratCat26, is the markets’ first vessel in its class compliant with both UK and German flag state rules for the carriage of 24 technician and service personnel to offshore installations such as windfarms or platforms. The vessel is available in multiple propulsion configurations and designed with the evolving and increasing demands of the offshore wind sector in mind. It provides a platform that works with a greater level of endurance and a higher safety margin in harsh and demanding sea states.

“We have, in the past month, delivered an Offshore40 Gen3 to a client who is successfully deploying it currently in Africa, and a StratCat26 with Quad IPS drives to Opielok Offshore Carriers for use in the European Windfarm industry,” confirms Newbold. “We currently have stock of both vessel types available for immediate sale, and with strong forecast in demand we continue to see the value that this program brings to our customers and stakeholders.”


About Strategic Marine:

Strategic Marine, with operations in Singapore, Western Australia and Vietnam, is one of the world’s leading specialist shipbuilding, fabrication and engineering companies.

Strategic operates principally in five key sectors, producing high quality crew boats, wind farm service vessels, passenger ferries, patrol boats and modular steel product for Global infrastructure, renewables and mining markets.

Strategic has built and delivered over 600 vessels for a variety of clients in the maritime, offshore and naval defence sectors.

Strategic’s solid reputation for the manufacture of high-performance ships, historically focused on aluminium vessels, has also become associated with steel-based construction over the last few years.

In addition to its growing newbuilding capabilities, which now include diversification into offshore windfarm service vessels, Strategic provides maritime solutions in refit/repair, support fabrication and marine infrastructure.

In January 2014, Strategic unveiled its first batch of new crewboats and windfarm sector vessels for stock, shortening delivery periods to meet increased market demand.
In the same year Strategic Marine (S) Pte Ltd and Strategic Marine (V) Co. Ltd became part of the Triyards Group, bolstering its financial capacity and fabrication increasing the ability to take on more varied projects in the marine and infrastructure markets.

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