Strategic Marine, one of the world’s leading specialist shipbuilding, fabrication and engineering companies, will be displaying two new innovative vessel designs at Seawork International in Southampton, United Kingdom.


The event, which is Europe’s largest commercial marine and workboat exhibition, will be held from 13 to 15 June 2017 at the Mayflower Park venue in Southampton, United Kingdom.


The two new vessel designs that will be unveiled at the event are the StratCAT30 and StratCAT38. Models of both vessels will be on display at Seawork International for the public and industry watchers to view. The two new designs are being launched to build on the success Strategic Marine has had with the previous StratCAT26 and other smaller crew transfer vessels.


The vessels have features which can provide increased capabilities to Wind Farm Service Operators who want to leave their crews at sea for longer periods of time, work further offshore and operate in a higher sea state. The innovative designs enable the vessels to withstand rougher waters at sea with increased time offshore, whilst continuing to ensure safe crew transfers.


Both vessels are the result of a collaboration with BMT Nigel Gee, a major naval architecture and marine engineering design consultancy based in Southampton, known for its innovative designs of commercial, offshore energy and defence vessels and yachts. The collaboration is further proof of the success Strategic Marine has had in the offshore wind sector of the marine market by teaming up with appropriate partners, that  yield the best innovative results to deliver vessels to their clients.


Mike Bell, the General Manager – Commercial of Strategic Marine said: “The launch of these two new vessel designs highlights Strategic Marine’s triumphs in the European Wind Space and showcases our commitment to continue to invest in the renewables vertical. This is where the future is headed especially in a world with increasingly limited resources where the need to innovate becomes stronger than ever.”


Strategic Marine’s booth number is PB69. The Strategic Marine team welcomes all visitors to come and visit the booth to learn more about the latest designs as well to network with key management from the organisation.