Strategic Marine, a leading specialist shipbuilder, is proud to announce the delivery of Kumawa Seirare, a 24 metre Luxury Catamaran Fast Crewboat to its Indonesian client PT. Pelayaran Tanjung Kumawa. This vessel will be operated in Indonesia on a long-term charter with BP on the BP Tangguh project.


Kumawa Seirare, with an overall length of 25.44 metre and a beam of 8 metre, has been built to the highest industry standards at Strategic Marine’s facility in Vietnam. Strategic Marine has worked closely with Incat Crowther as the designer, and the client to ensure that the vessel design met all specific requirements.


A notable feature of the vessel is its hull form which was designed by Incat Crowther. Five highly similar vessels have been built in this fashion. During sea trials, the design and construction of the Kumawa Seirare has proven to be highly successful with respect to speed, motion characteristics, noise and vibration and efficient fuel consumption.


The vessel is dual classed under Lloyds Register of Shipping with Class notation, LR X 100A1 SSC Workboat Catamaran G3, MCH, Indonesian Coastal Waters and secondly under the Indonesian Classification Society BKI (Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia) and sails under Indonesian Flag.


The level of crew and passenger comfort on board is mainly determined by the motion characteristics of the vessel, noise and vibration and thirdly the design and quality of the interior. The vessel is built with a spacious passenger area on main deck and a comfortable lounge area on its upper deck. The passenger area is completed with 60 reclining business class seats and three televisions, one 60-inch television in the centre and two 42-inch televisions port and starboard side. The VIP lounge is executed with high quality sofa seats for 12 passengers, tables and a 60-inch television. This vessel has capacity for 72 passengers.


Mark Newbold, Executive Chairman of Strategic Marine said: “Our client’s aim to provide the most comfortable ride at sea for their client has been realised. This vessel has set a new benchmark for Strategic Marine as a luxurious Catamaran Fast Crewboat. Kumawa Seirare will transfer crews from shore to offshore platforms in Indonesia’s oil and gas industry.”


“This is Strategic Marine’s first collaboration with PT. Pelayaran Tanjung Kumawa and we were honoured to be awarded the project as it is a clear testament to our competitive solutions.” He added “I’m very pleased with the delivery of this vessel as she comfortably met all technical and contractual obligations. I’m convinced that the passengers will appreciate the high-quality standards and the level of comfort on board. She is a good addition to our track record and once again, we have proven that it is possible to deliver high quality vessels at a competitive price.”