Windfarm Renewable Energy Vessels

The growth of the renewable energy and windfarm sector has seen the need for specialized vessels for crew transfer and other service functions, and Strategic Marine has accumulated considerable experience in the design and construction of these craft.

Strategic Marine offers a number of different vessels in various sizes for use in renewable energy and windfarm services, and these include:

  • Service vessels
  • Crew boats
  • Utility vessels
  • Supply vessels
  • Delivery and support vessels
  • Compact tractor tugs
  • Push tugs
  • Transport barges
  • Heavy lift barges
  • Work platforms
  • Motorized platforms
  • Accommodation barges
  • Semi-submersible barges
  • RoRo Pontoons

These existing designs can be constructed as is or modified to the client’s specifications and fitout requirements rapidly and cost-effectively. Strategic Marine’s naval architects, design teams and engineering personnel can also design vessels according to the client’s brief if required.