Strategic Services

Strategic marine has earned its reputation for being much more than a shipbuilder, with economical solutions to an expansive range of client needs across the entire marine and related industries spectrum.

Clients are invited to discuss their specific requirements in the following sectors and disciplines:

Vessel Service & Maintenance

Assigning highly qualified and experienced engineering personnel with industry-specific skills in offshore, oil and gas, defence, ferry, renewable energy and wind, commercial and fishing vessels, Strategic Marine is able to design and implement comprehensive maintenance and servicing programs. The emphasis on preventative maintenance ensures timely and cost-saving action by the Strategic teams, and minimises the need for remedial action.


Professional trainers develop and deliver specialised curricula designed to provide crews on new vessels with the theoretical and practical knowledge to operate the vessel to its optimum levels, maximise safety levels, communicate and navigate without problems, troubleshoot, and maintain the vessel appropriately. Operator and maintenance crew evaluation ensures that requisite levels of competency and familiarity are achieved.

Marine Logistics

Clients often require additional assistance in developing and implementing logistical and management programs, and Strategic Marine has a depth of experience in this field. Our expertise covers procurement systems, financial infrastructure, sales, project management, recruiting and human resources systems, and we can deploy powerful management tools to assist in workflow and business management enhancement.

Refit & Repair

From complete vessel modifications and refits to on site or at sea repairs, Strategic Marine refit and repair teams have the mobility, the skills and the engineering expertise to meet budgets and timeframes for any task. Strategic Marine is able to project manage the entire refit and/or repair process so it is seamless, cost-effective and timely.

Financial Services

Strategic Marine offers a wide array of financial services to the shipbuilding and modular fabrication industries. These services include but are not limited to items such as construction finance, bank guarantees, take out through life vessel finance, leasing arrangements and investor equity funding.

The financial services offered by Strategic Marine are back by numerous global banks and investor with representation in multiple global regions.

Whether it’s the construction finance for new project or the leasing arrangements for a new fleet of Strategic vessels our finance team are on standby to attend to our clients individual needs.