The Strategic Marine Brand started out as Geraldton Boat Builders Pty Ltd in 1984 in the Western Australian port of Geraldton, with a focus of constructing high performance offshore fishing boats capable of handling the challenges thrown up by the unforgiving local weather conditions and coastline. With the development of boat designs and quality builds along with its well established international reputation as a leader in the high speed aluminium vessel industry, the Strategic Marine Brand moved to reposition itself as a global business.

That reputation can be attributed to the success experienced by the Strategic Marine Brand in delivering a total of over 70 vessels to the Singapore Police Coast Guard and Malaysian Water Police. Following these successes, offshore orders for patrol vessels have continued to flood in.

Coupled with this international reputation, Strategic Marine Brand landed our first crew boat contracts building eight vessels for Svitzer / PT Aquaria and EMAS Offshore. In recent years the shipbuilding company has reached its goal to become a market leader in the Crew Boat industry, securing contracts to build over 25 vessels reputable for
Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean, Australian, Dutch and Mexican companies.

The Strategic Marine Brand’s Vietnam Shipyard was officially opened in 2009 with the intention to break into steel shipbuilding. The Company quickly found success in the sector after winning contracts for two steel hulled Dive Support Vessel for Marfeild, and a Floating Dry Dock for the West Australian Government.

In 2014, the Australian Company (now known as Henderson Marine Base) sold its subsidiaries, Strategic Marine (S) Pte Ltd and Strategic Marine (V) Co. Limited to Singapore-listed offshore services provider Triyards Holdings Limited, bringing significant global shipbuilding, construction fabrication expertise, the Strategic Marine brand
Intellectual Property and significant facilities to the Group and its network of clients worldwide. In 2016, Strategic Marine (S) Pte Ltd, relocated to a new facility operated by its new parent, Triyards Group. The move has made the operation more streamlined, with the two organisations focusing on integration across a number of divisions.

Construction and project management techniques have been developed by the international shipbuilding company to improve the quality of its vessels while reducing production costs. This ensures clients receive excellent value for money and continues to strengthen the Strategic Marine Brand’s position within the global shipbuilding sector.

Strategic Marine (S) Pte Ltd and the Strategic Marine Brand’s highly trained designers and production staff work continually to improve plate development and manufacturing techniques to maximise structural strength and reduce construction time without compromising the integrity of the vessels they build and deliver.

The Company’s commitment to Australian Standard Business Management Systems provides Strategic Marine with a stable platform to provide Clients with premium quality yet economic offshore construction services.